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New Release - Nearly Nude Pasties

These are pasties that i’ve had on the back burner for quite a while. what was really holding them up was the right glue.  I didn’t want to use E-6000 well because it’s nasty and can cause cancer.  So finally when order a resupply of foam glue I found a new glue that the company just came out with and ordered a sample size. Well it turns out that it is perfect for these pasties.  Now I can make Mesh/Tulle or what ever kind of sheer material I want into rhinestone pasties with out worry.

These are made from two layers of large weave tulle and then a star burst pattern of rhinestones is applied from the center outwards. which is unlike my other pasties where I start on the outer edge and work in.

These are now available on my website and you can choose any color rhinestone I carry.  Shown in Crystal AB rhinestones.

Get yours here:

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